Tube Maps

One of our main aims is to improve conditions for cyclists trying to get to major destinations in the local towns and villages. As an aid to highlighting the existing difficult sections in the road and path network used by cyclists, Cycling-Network-Quality Maps, usually referred to as tube maps for obvious reasons, are schematic coloured representations of conditions of the main routes used by cyclists  in areas, but are not intended as route-finding maps. The nodes are popular destinations, such as supermarkets, schools and railway stations. These maps are a work in progress, both in terms of assessing the cycling networks and - we hope and campaign for - and will need to  be updated as conditions are improved.  They are based on the CycleBath format, and the idea is to turn the map blue,  (or green if looking at the St Albans city map).  Here are some designed by three different map-makers, so there are three different styles.  Feedback and comments are very welcome.

This version extends further to include local villages.