Why Join ?

Membership is open to all who support our aims. The more members we have the more effective our campaigning!

Help us to get better space for cycling...

► junction improvements, cycle route maintenance, new routes and connections

► recognition of cyclists’ need for space on the road, more priority for cycling and walking, reduced traffic speeds

► cycle parking at home and at destinations

► promotion of healthy and environmentally friendly transport, encouragement of more people to cycle

Members receive regular e-mail newsletters with local cycling and campaigning news, details of forthcoming events and suggestions for action and participation.

As well as the satisfaction of knowing that you are helping to benefit cycling in the district, there are some specific membership benefits offered by local businesses. Please have your membership card with you and ready to show!

CycleTech Hertfordshire : 10% discount on parts and accessories.

Rock & Road : 10% discount on parts and labour.

The Hub and The Bike Loft, Redbourn : 10% discount on servicing and many accessories, 20% discount on selected accessories, 10% discount on coffee & cake!

Brian Robson Complete Car Care : reduced rate on MOT’s - £40 instead of the usual £54.85.

Cotswold Outdoor : the St Albans branch gives a 15% discount to members producing a valid membership card in store.

We thank these businesses for their support for cycling!

Members will of course understand that some businesses choose to support cycling in general or in kind in their local area rather than give organisational discounts. 

Annual household membership is £5 per year. To join, download a membership form (see  below), print and complete it & send to:

Steve Brazier

STACC Membership Secretary

5 The Limes

St Albans