Take Action

Our committee is a little stretched at the moment!  We are always open to members getting involved, we would welcome you to our regular monthly 'committee' meetings.  We currently meet on Zoom, on the evening of (usually) the last Monday of the month.  We review the latest cycling-related developments and consider what actions we can take to further our aims of encouraging cycling for transport.  We give feedback on consultations on proposed highways projects and Greenspace Action Plans, we campaign for better cycle parking provision in new developments and in the public realm, we engage with Thameslink, we co-ordinate with other campaign groups across Hertfordshire, we comment on planning applications and we organise or attend events, and a whole lot of other reactions and inputs.

Except, we are not able to do some of these things at present, or in as much detail as we want to, as we need more people to do stuff, even when half the team is not cycling over the hills and far away.

We would particularly welcome more women getting involved.  And also people who are not 'keen cyclists', rather, people who 'want to cycle, but....'  Our active committee members are all regular cyclists, who can (more or less) cope with the current conditions.  But we are campaigning to enable everyone to be able to choose to cycle to work / school / see friends / go shopping etc. People who can say what deters them from cycling are of great value to our campaign.

Could you spare some time?  Committee meetings are informal and positive.  You don't need to come every month.

Not your thing but want to help? In that case, we are grateful for your 'sofa campaigning'.  Sending emails to councillors in support of cycling and active travel, looking up planning applications and commenting on them, taking part in public consultations, letting us know if there is anything we should be commenting on or reacting to.

Like fresh air? Covid has disrupted our involvement in having a Bike Week stall on St Albans market and having bodies with STACC leaflets at other events eg The Charity Cycle Ride, SustFest, Fete du Velo - might you be free to staff a stall from time to time?

Thank you for your support, in whatever way it is given, and we look forward to hearing from you! Contact us at info@stacc.org.uk